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Our partners

France is the winner of World Cup 2018! Moreover they not only best football players, but also produce real gensets.

GrandMotors is an authorized distributor of KOHLER-SDMO gensets in Russia, closely cooperates with the factory in the city of Brest, and participates in interesting and integrated joint projects. The company's employees regularly enhance their qualification at special trainings developed for a variety of educational backgrounds.

Since 2005, the training courses have been run several times a year. Upon completing the training courses, the specialists are given not only standard certificates of their qualification, but are also supplied with special access codes for control panels and engine control units, project equipment calculation and selection software, circuit designs used in high-voltage power plants, dedicated software for selection of original parts.

Cummins (UK) is a global leader in generator sets manufacturing. GrandMotors is an authorized agent of Cummins in Russia, vested with powers to supply, start up, install, maintain and repair Cummins gensets within the Russian Federation.

GrandMotors engineers are regularly trained at the Cummins training facility, have all necessary certificates, software and hardware for full-scale servicing, repairing, setting up and commissioning the Cummins gensets or any machinery based on Cummins diesel engines.

GMGen Power Systems (Italy) is a long-standing and strategic partner of GrandMotors. As the sole distributor of GMGen Power Systems generator sets in Russia, GrandMotors is always in touch with the factory agents, regularly sends its specialists to further education courses, trains new staff. One aspect of the relationship with the factory is sharing expertise with a view to unceasing advancement and improvement of consumer properties of the gensets.

GMUPS (Italy) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality professional UPSs. GrandMotors has an agreement on cooperation with this company and is vested with GMUPS products distributorship authority in Russia, authorized also to provide full-scale maintenance support of GMUPS brand, including guarantee servicing. GrandMotors personnel improve their qualification both at the factory in Italy, and at the manufacturer's representative office in Moscow!

GrandMotors is a leading partner o ABB in assembling electrical panels, control cabinets and automation equipment based on ABB components. To ensure the quality of solutions meets the high level of modern requirements, GrandMotors employees regularly upgrade their qualification, adopt new technologies, gain knowledge of new products and technologies right at the ABB factories or at the company's Moscow office.

HITEC UPS is a famous global manufacturer of dynamic UPSs. GrandMotors enjoys the official status of this company's technical partner. To implement integrated projects using dynamic UPSs, GrandMotors personnel completed a full-scale training cycle at this company's factory with highly commends from the factory specialists. Upon completing the training and receiving relevant certificates, GrandMotors engineers are able to carry out projects using dynamic UPSs in a certified manner, from designing to commissioning and maintenance support.

MTU-DDC (Germany) is a world leader in manufacturing high-quality diesel and gas powered engines. GrandMotors steadily sells diesel generators with MTU engines, and provides professional quality repairs and maintenance of MTU-DDC engines. GrandMotors service engineers completed a number of training courses at the factory in Germany, were granted special certificates and a dedicated hardware/software package for troubleshooting and programming the engine control units.

Perkins (UK) is part of the largest Caterpillar Group and is the largest manufacturer of diesel engines in the world. GrandMotors employees get their training at Perkins dedicated training facilities and are authorized to provide expert maintenance and repair of Perkins diesel engines.

GrandMotors closely cooperates with Mitsubishi and is an authorized supplier of gensets equipped with Mitsubishi diesel engines. GrandMotors employees are regularly trained and complete training programs at Mitsubishi Training Centers to improve the equipment maintenance quality and upgrade professional skills. All specialists at GrandMotors hold special certificates authorizing them to perform competent maintenance and repair of Mitsubishi diesel engines from 6 to 2200 kVA.

Webasto (Germany) has been engaged in engineering and manufacturing for the automotive industry for more than 75 years, and is leading in the market of solutions for temperature control systems. GrandMotors employees get trained at Webasto dedicated facilities and are authorized to install autonomous systems for engine and room heating.

As such GrandMotors offers its customers modern turn-key approaches to implementing any complex projects being able to keep up its high commission of a leader at the generator market of Russia!