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Any Complete Solution Rests on Reliable Equipment

Diesel gensets
8 to 3 000 kVA turn-key diesel-engine gensets.
SDMO (France), Cummins (United Kingdom), GMGen Power Systems (Italy). 3 price segments from one large warehouse.
Stationary and mobile diesel powerplants, enclosed and container generator sets.
With manual and automatic start.
HIGH-VOLTAGE diesel generators
6.3 and 10.5 kV diesel powerplants based on Cummins, MTU-DDC and Mitsubishi engines.
Special projects. Container powerplants.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Uninterruptible power supplies 1 to 800 kW.
Designed for supplying the equipment with "clean" guaranteed power. To implement a complete solution involving a diesel power station and an automatic start system (and to achieve its fail-safe functioning) it is recommended to use an uninterruptible power source (UPS).
Dynamic (rotor) UPS
Diesel rotor UPSs provide the most cost and energy effective solution for guaranteed power supply to data centres.
Gas powerplants, mini thermal powerplants
40 to 3 000 kVA gas-fired and dual-fuel powerplants.
Heat recovery systems. Cogeneration.
0.4, 6.3, 10.5 kW
Containers are essential for reliable operation of generator sets at below zero temperatures!
Diesel powerplant is protected from manipulation!

We offer 3 specifications: Economy, Standard and Premium.
High-quality certified containers "North" and "Polar Star"
for diesel-generators, compressors, special and telecommunication equipment.
Do not save on cheap welded "crude designs" and "locker enclosures" passed for North Containers!
Light Towers
Light towers designed to illuminate objects in the dark when linking-up to the main power supply. There are mobile, with mechanical and hydraulic elevation system, wide power range. Light towers GMGen Power Systems perfect quality-price ratio.
Equipment service and repair
The support service of GrandMotors is always ready to provide spare parts and replacement consumables for diesel powerplants.
Repair and servicing anywhere in Russia.
40 service engineers and special vehicles, a replacement parts warehouse and an equipment repair shop.