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Rent of diesel generators

The list of services of the company «GrandMotors» includes rent of diesel generators. We offer equipment with different technical characteristics for rent for a period of 8 hours. There is no upper limit of the duration of rent, if necessary, you can operate the equipment for a year or more and then repurchase on favorable terms.

When you might need a service

Rent of diesel generators is in demand in cases when it is required to provide scheduled or emergency supplies of electricity from an autonomous source. In particular, diesel generators are rented for the following purposes:

  • construction and road works;
  • organization of power supply for facilities at the time of liquidation of power network damages;
  • power supply of industrial equipment during the re-equipment of production;
  • organization of mass events in open areas (concerts, festivals, national festivities), etc.

When renting in GrandMotors you will receive:

Reliable generator set
Rental park 200 gensets
14 years experience!
Delivery and discharge
Connection on site
using switchgear
Cable for connection
Always aviable own cable to connect
Experienced operator
24-hour power plant monitoring
Fuel tank and quality fuel
Own gasoline trucks
Direct deliveries from Gazprom Neft
Mobile brigades of the service center "GrandMotors"
Guaranteed VAT
Transparent accounting
from a solid company

Power for rent

Power Availability
4000 kW in sight Request
3000 kW in sight Request
2500 kW in sight Request
1500 kW in sight Request
1400 kW in sight Request
1200 kW in sight Request
1000 kW in sight Request
800 kW in sight Request
650 kW in sight Request
500 kW in sight Request
400 kW in sight Request
300 kW in sight Request
250 kW in sight Request
200 kW in sight Request
150 kW in sight Request
100 kW in sight Request
96 kW in sight Request
80 kW in sight Request
64 kW in sight Request
50 kW in sight Request
30 kW in sight Request

Do not know what power is needed?
Send the request! We will help you make a choice!

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Successful rental projects

  • 16600 kVA
    10300 kVA
    6600 kVA
    5500 kVA
  • Moscow
    5000 kVA
    5000 kVA
    4400 kVA
    4300 kVA
  • Moscow
    3800 kVA
    3500 kVA
    3000 kVA
    3000 kVA
  • 2900 kVA
    2700 kVA
    2400 kVA
    2100 kVA
  • 1675 kVA
    1400 kVA
    1400 kVA
    1400 kVA
  • 1200 kVA
    1100 kVA
    1100 kVA
    1100 kVA
  • 700 kVA
    550 kVA
    550 kVA
    450 kVA
  • 400 kVA
    Moscow region
    390 kVA
    350 kVA
    275 kVA
  • 200 kVA
    130 kVA
    130 kVA
    88 kVA
  • 44 kVA

Choice of equipment

You can rent a modern diesel generator, whose capacity is from 50 to 30 000 kW. In our catalog there are models in low-voltage (0.4 kV) and middle-voltage (6 kV and 10 kV) versions. Depending on the needs of electricity, you can use one unit or create a power plant with the necessary parameters, synchronizing two or more units.

The generators we offer are modules designed for parallel connection. Diesel generators in container design — a practical option for outdoor use, because the equipment is protected from atmospheric influences, and access to unauthorized persons is restricted. We lease autonomous diesel power stations in standard containers and in an ultra-low noise version — with improved sound insulation. Such equipment can be used in close proximity to residential buildings.

Our services

The complex of our rental services includes:

  • delivery of the generator to the facility;
  • installation of equipment, its connection and adjustment;
  • fuel delivery and refueling of the generator set;
  • round-the-clock monitoring of serviceability and maintenance of equipment by an experienced specialist (provision of cabins for the operator is provided);
  • provision of cables with the required cross-section and length.