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Complete Range of Services to Implement Any Project

Professional turn-key rent of generators.
Over 200 foreign-built noise-proof generators offering from 30 to 1,400 kW,
and in a synchronised mode - up to 30 MW.
Experienced mechanics, fuel supply, maintenance.
Available 24/7/365.
Special complex solutions for data-centers

Backup power supply of critical nodes and refrigerant delivery routes for Tier I - IV data centers with the achievement of the highest availability of the data center.

Equipment service and repair
The support service of GrandMotors is always ready to provide spare parts and replacement consumables for diesel powerplants.
Repair and servicing anywhere in Russia.
40 service engineers and special vehicles, a replacement parts warehouse and an equipment repair shop.
Powerplant installation
In a professional manner. Turn-key delivery of any powerplant. Licences. Insurance. Warranties.
Work record - over 1 000 projects.
Engineering design process
GrandMotors engineering agency provides a complete range of engineering design services required to develop electric power supply and electric lighting systems.
Power audit
GrandMotors specialists are available to advise on power audit of businesses and to assess implementation of any project either by separate stages or as a whole.
Autostart system
Diesel powerplants and gasoline-fired generators may be equipped with an automatic start system.
Power Plant Upgrade Division of our own.
Parallel systems
Synchronisation of diesel generators - up to 32 generators in one circuit.
Power Plant Upgrade Division of our own.
Distant monitoring systems
By now, there are more than 200 distant monitoring units for Cummins, SDMO, GMGen Power Systems, FG Wilson generator sets put into operation and functioning at our customersí facilities.
Power Plant Upgrade Division of our own.
Equipment delivery
Equipment is delivered to a customerís location anywhere within Russia.
Cargo insurance.
To locations in Moscow and Moscow Region the equipment is transported upon agreement on our own vehicles.
Any purchased equipment will be delivered to your enterprise.